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What Clients Are Saying

"I was referred to Jessica a few years ago by my trusted esthetician after many great conversations about spirituality. She had mentioned that Jessica was a phenomenal and gifted reiki practitioner as well as a kind soul. I had never had reiki done before and was suuuper nervous but intuition won out and I messaged her for an appointment.
Wow, the depth of the very first appointment was so eye opening - energy really does exist in a way that needs to be cared for - I had no idea! Over the years we have worked on cleaning out some really major gunk from my chakras and energy field that have allowed me to be more compassionate in my relationships and improved my communication skills drastically.
Last year my sister asked for help when her depression and anxiety become to much, and although I didn't have doctors or therapists to refer her to, I had Jessica, who I knew could help her if she was open to it. My sisters session with Jessica changed her life and pointed her in the direction of healing - I'm not being dramatic here when I say that session saved her life.
There is no person I trust more than Jessica to help myself, family and friends and have referred dozens of people to her all who have come back with glowing reviews and incredible experiences. From just feeling "off" to dealing with the deeper "stuff" it's always worth the time and money to book a session with such a gifted healer. Thank you for all you do."

Samantha Halbrook, Colorado Springs, CO

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