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What to Expect from Your Medium Session

As a Medium, I connect and deliver messages from people who are no longer living to those that are. I primarily receive information directly from the spirit; also, at times, spirit guides, ancestors, animals/pets and angels may step in.

I receive messages mentally, and they present in the form of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (knowing), and/or claircognizance (feeling).

I find communicating with spirits akin to speaking with someone behind a thick pane of glass who doesn’t speak my language. That may sound silly and laughable, but understand it takes time to interpret what they are attempting to communicate.

It’s important to remember that just as each of us has a unique way of expressing ourselves, spirits do as well. Given that, not all spirits have the ability to connect to a Medium with ease. Some are gentler, more soft spoken, while others are vibrant and clear.

However the spirits present, one gift they deliver to the living is certain: Life after death is real. This knowledge of our soul’s eternal life can be incredibly liberating, allowing us to live our lives with purpose and intention, love and forgiveness. For death is simply transformation, not the end.

The goal of my Medium sessions are that of hope, healing, and love.


Can you or the spirit tell me the future?

Mediumship primarily works with past and present events; allowing clients insight and often relief as a result spirits’ messages. I work with these spirits to bridge the gap between their world and ours with the intention of hope and healing to those who wish it.

The time frames in the spirit realm are not linear, therefore information regarding the past, present, and future may come through in no particular order.

I believe that predicting the future often takes away a portion of power from the self. After all, we were born with the choice of free will to make decisions which will impact any future that is predicted. I believe that the future is NOT a fixed location, and therefore there are infinite opportunities for change.


What YOU Can Do:

Medium sessions are a cooperative process between the spirit, myself, and you.  We work together, and as such, you play an active role in the session. Messages are frequently received in metaphors, feelings, and pictures.

The symbol of a heart can mean many things to different people; that’s where your assistance steps in to aid in the interpretation of these symbols. Of course, I will ask the spirit for clarification, but I may call upon you to confirm as well.

You may find it helpful to write questions down before the session.  Once we connect with whomever you’ve asked to, your mind may be overwhelmed, causing it to “blank” out. I find written questions assist in creating an effortless conversation with your passed loved one.

Set an intention for the session before we start. Doing so may help guide the session in the way you desire. What would you like to achieve during the reading? Once you’ve set your intention, honor it, then release it. Be sure not to be so fixed on your intention you lose sight of the session in front of you.

Try to let go of expectations and go with the flow. Divine often takes place in the space we haven’t planned in our lives, and the same holds true for any Medium session I perform. Allowing yourself to let go and go with the flow (without expectations) will open a space for Divine to step in and truly connect to your heart for your highest and best interest.

Understand that all information is important, so try not to dismiss anything, even if you don’t immediately understand its relevance. Concentrate on receiving the information given; fully digesting at a later time.

A pen and paper may be handy to take notes for yourself during our session. Incredible amounts of information come through, and it’s difficult to absorb it all in the moment. I find notes to refresh the memory days, weeks, or even months down the road to be invaluable.

If the information provided doesn’t feel right or isn’t a direct “hit,” please tell me immediately so I can confirm what I’m receiving. Don’t feel as though you will hurt my feelings (I’m not a delicate flower!) or that I will be angry (never!).

This session is for YOU, and I want to make sure you’re receiving all you can from your passed loved one. I would hate for a client to walk away feeling upset they didn’t bring something to my attention or feel a sense of lacking from the session in any way.


What if no one comes through?

Not every spirit will make an appearance. There are many reasons for this, and I would encourage you to not let that sour the experience.

Sometimes spirits will step aside to allow another spirit to be in the “spotlight” for the session. It may also be that their soul has already reincarnated.

Whatever the reason, if there is an explanation given to me, I will absolutely relay the information I’m given as to why the spirit is absent.


How can I make sure the spirit isn’t someone/something else?

I start and end every session with the guidance of God’s light, divine intention, and love. Care is taken to connect to Archangel Michael to ensure protection is extended to my space as well as your own so that the sole experience is that of love, light, and healing.

Once I’ve made the connection and the spirit has stepped into my “spotlight,” I’ll work to confirm their identity with you; from there we can proceed with a conversation.

I have several Angels and Power Animals working as  part of my Divine Team to help keep both myself and my clients protected during readings.

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