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Bliss Rests in Balance

Reiki/Energy Healing & Mediumship


Meet Jessie McKinney

Reiki Healer & Medium

I am the sole practitioner at Enlightened Energy. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn more about me and my practice.


I’ve completed Master Reiki, first and second degree White Light Reiki Training as well as a Shamanism Basics course. I’ve been officially involved with healing using energy since 2016, but have felt the “pull” to this kind of life since I was old enough to speak.

I am also a medium. Although I have seen “passed” spirits my entire life, I've only recently started offering my abilities to the world for mediumship. I have since devoted as much time as possible communicating with spirits in the afterlife to relay messages to their living loved ones.

I feel as though my calling is to help heal individuals through love, compassion, and respect… all of which are essential for us to thrive! The sessions I perform are a source of immeasurable honor and I’m so very appreciative of every soul I encounter.

I live in Monument with my twin girls, husband, and 2 fur babies. I love the radiance of the sun, the grounding essence of the forest, and the cleansing effects of all the elements, which we are so fortunate to have several forms of here in Colorado!

I'm excited to start offering classes for Reiki I/II as well as Reiki Master in 2024!

Whether we meet or not, I wish you the most beautifully blessed day. Shine on!

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Reiki Healing?

It can help with

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Chronic Pain

Oftentimes stuck & stagnant energy can manifest in physical pain.


Most clients experience intense relaxation during their session & feel lighter & less burdened afterward.

Tension & Anxiety

We all "carry" tension & anxiety within our bodies. The balacing of energy can clear these blockages.

White Rocks

Personal Growth & Development

Manipulation of energy often brings about self-awareness & conntectedness to the world & individuals around you, resulting in peace & happiness.


The clearing & balancing of chakras can increase energy levels.


The balancing of energy often releases built up worries & anxieties, resulting in a renewed & refreshed outlook.


"Her sweet spirit has gently guided me on my own journey of healing from a place of feeling very broken and defeated and engaging in a life reflective of the missing joy in my heart."

— Mimi Tenace



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7 Days/Week -

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 Monument, Colorado

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